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Every detail should start with wheel cleaning. A range of wheel care products designed deep cleanse, protect and finish your wheels. Please see our range of wheel cleaning products below.

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Get The Best Wheel Clean With Our Professional Wheel Cleaning Products And Accessories

Wheels are a vital part of your car's overall aesthetic. Unfortunately, they are continually exposed to extreme, and potentially corrosive contamination, including brake dust, road salt, heavy grit and other extreme environmental pollutants. Over time, these elements can gather and embed themselves into surfaces which not only diminishes the long term appearance of your wheels but can also cause harm, including wheel and tyre failure, if not properly addressed.

Here at Auto Finesse we offer a range of premium wheel cleaning products designed to tackle even the toughest, caked-on and corrosive grime. Our products are made with the most advanced ingredients to ensure the most effective cleaning without damaging delicate finishes. With us by your side, you can keep your tyres and wheels looking their best, and extend their lifespan, during every detail.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to constantly innovate and develop top-of-the-line products that deliver exceptional, professional results. From powerful wheel cleaners and precision wheel brushes to advanced wheel waxes and protection products, each item is developed using cutting-edge technology and decades of hands-on detailing experience. Whether you are a professional detailer, a car enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates a clean ride, we are here to cater to every need.

Our Top-Quality Wheel Cleaning Products

Auto Finesse offers a comprehensive range of wheel cleaning products and accessories designed to keep your wheels spotless for longer. Here's just a few of our advanced offerings:

  • Wheel Cleaners and Shampoos

We have a full range of alloy wheel cleaners specifically formulated to take on every type of wheel finish and cleaning task. Revolution Wheel Soap is a pH neutral deep cleaning wheel shampoo that's ideal for the most sensitive polished chrome and bare metal finishes. Imperial Wheel Cleaner is a spray-on, acid-free formula that's tough on brake dust and heavy grime but suitable for regular use on all painted, powdercoated and lacquered wheels. Reactive Wheel Cleaner is a powerful cleaning and degreasing formula that contains heavy hitting fallout remover designed to target and chemically remove embedded brake dust particles.

  • Rubber & Tyre Cleaner

Restore your tyres to their original glory with our ready-to-use Tread Tyre Cleaner. This powerful, spray-on cleaner effectively loosens and lifts away grime, dirt and other heavy contaminants, encapsulating the grime and allowing it to be rinsed away quickly. Tread Tyre Cleaner won't dry out your rubber so it's suitable for regular use and it leaves behind a contaminant-free surface that's the ideal for the adhesion of water-based or silicone-based tyre dressings.

  • Fallout Remover

Iron Out, our heavy-hitting fallout remover, isn't designed primarily as a wheel cleaner, but is extremely effective for periodic decontamination on alloy wheels because it chemically dissolves embedded metal shrapnel, which is chiefly derived from caked-on brake dust. Iron Out Contaminant Remover is suitable for use on all painted and powdercoated wheel finishes, along with other vehicle paintwork and glass surfaces prior to polishing.

  • Ceramic Wheel Coating

Protect your wheels from the elements with our 12-month durable ceramic coating. Our Caramics Wheel Protection Kit makes application simple and straightforward, introducing a long-lasting layer of ultra-hydrophobic SiO2 protection to keep your wheels cleaner for longer. This non-stick, super-shiny coating is resilient to heavy grime, brake dust, cleaning chemicals and the harshest weather conditions protecting your wheels and making them much easier to clean during routine maintenance.

  • Wheel Wax

Enhance the shine and protection of your wheels with our specially formulated wheel wax. Mint Rims is a high temperature synthetic wheel sealant that's designed to leave a durable glossy layer of protection that actively repels water, dirt, and brake dust.

  • Detailing Kit

Our 12-piece Deep Wheel Cleaning Kit contains everything you need to clean, decontaminate and protect your wheels… and even dress your tyres for the ultimate finishing touch. A special collection of our best-sellers including Imperial Wheel Cleaner, Iron Out Contaminant Remover, ObliTARate Tar & Glue Remover, Satin Tyre Crème and the professional accessories to get the job done quickly and effectively.

  • Wheel Brushes

Our huge selection of car wheel cleaning brushes includes the right brush for every specific task. From our long-reach, scratch-free Barrel Brush, to our Wonder Wool Wheel and Microfibre Wheel Brushes for the most sensitive surfaces, we have the brush for every wheel no matter the design or finish. And let's not forget other areas too, our Rubber Scrubber Tyre Brush and Arch Blaster Arch Brush are also some of our most popular professional accessories.

  • Detailing Brushes

The Detailing Brush Trio is not only ideal for getting into the nooks on your wheels, but from many other cleaning tasks in and around your vehicle. This pro detailing staple gives you three scratch-free brushes allowing you to dedicate a specific brush to different processes and eliminate the risk of cross contamination. Our range of cleaning brushes also includes our pair of premium Hog Hair Brushes and our range of FeatherTip Detailing brushes – the ultimate brushes for your most sensitive parts.

  • Microfiber Wheel Mitt

Our specialist Plush Wheel Mitt is designed for maximum control, and the safest grime removal, when cleaning your wheels. Ideal for getting into every nook and behind the spokes, this essential accessory lifts and safely traps potentially harmful grit and grime, keeping it way from scratchable surfaces.

  • Tyre Dressing Products

Our range of tyre dressings are world renowned as the ultimate finishing touch for any detail. Our selection includes Gloss Tyre Dressing, a silicone-based product which introduces and ultra-glossy, wet-look, show car style shine. Along with Satin Tyre Crème, the only tyre dressing which allows you to choose the level of shine you require. A single application leaves a subtle, new-look satin sheen, while multiple applications build up a dripping-wet look. Choose yours and apply to finish off any detail with style.

  • Foam Kneeling Pad

Get a little extra comfort and convenience during detailing sessions with our foam kneeling pad. This lightweight and durable pad provides ample cushioning, reducing strain on your knees when detailing wheels or lower sections of your vehicle. The choice of many a detailing professional.

Give Your Wheels a New Lease of Life with Auto Finesse Wheel Cleaning Products

Ready to take your wheel cleaning routine to the next level? Experience the difference with the top-of-the-line wheel cleaning products from here at Auto Finesse. Our specially formulated cleaners are designed to safely break down stubborn and harmful contaminants, leaving your wheels sparkling clean every time.

Say goodbye to dirty, contaminated wheels and give your overall detail the impact it truly deserves.