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Protection that adds gloss and keeps your vehicle cleaner for longer. Here's where we seal-in and prolong the results from the previous stages, creating a barrier from the elements and safeguarding any work you've put into your paintwork when cleansing and polishing.

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Ceramic Spray Wax
Primo Plush
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Microfibre Buffing Towel
Carnauba Creme
Handi Puck
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Foam Applicator
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Ultra Durable Car Wax
Duo Edgeless
Microfibre Cloth
Kneeling Pad
Foam Kneeling Pad
Filler Liquid Wax
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Car Wax (For Light Cars)
Spirit Carnauba hard wax
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Car Wax (For Metallic Finishes)
Passion Carnauba Car Wax
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Car Wax (Vintage Paint Finishes)
All Round Car Wax