The stage where it really becomes detailing. The 3-stage decontamination process has been developed by detailing professionals to remove any bonded contaminants that washing alone cannot.

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Prepare Your Paint The Professional Way With Our Car Paint Decontamination Products

In the relentless pursuit of a flawless vehicle finish, the removal of bonded contamination prior to polishing is as important as the defect removal stages themselves. If left unchecked, the types of bonded contamination that cannot be removed by washing alone can even cause damage and corrosion. This includes common detailing problems such as embedded metal deposits derived from brake dust, sticky tar and glue residues, tree sap, protein deposits from bird droppings and bug splatter and all sorts of other environmental contamination that your car is exposed to during regular use. This is why car paint decontamination is an essential step in restoring and preserving your vehicle's appearance, it's also the only way to prevent these tiny bonded and embedded contaminants from coming loose and inflicting more defects during your polishing and correction stages.

At Auto Finesse, we understand the vital role of specialist decontamination products in ridding your paintwork of all types of contamination. Our specialised range of decontamination solutions is expertly formulated to safely remove bonded and embedded contaminants without causing harm to sensitive paintwork. Each of our products has been developed by detailers for detailers to be easy-to-use and get professional results. At Auto Finesse we never skimp on quality or performance!

Help us to help you unlock the true potential of your vehicle's finish with our specialist car paint decontamination product range.

Explore Our Range Of Car Paint Decontamination ProductsAt Auto Finesse, we have curated a collection of the best vehicle paint decontamination solutions that are not only quick and easy to use but give the best results every time you detail. Here's a closer look at our top paintwork decontamination essentials:

  • Metal Fallout Remover: Our Iron Out Contaminant Remover is a potent, reactive solution designed to chemically dissolve embedded metal contamination. Iron particles, which are chiefly derived from brake dust, are essentially tiny pieces of metal shrapnel that embeds itself into your relatively soft paintwork. Often these will be invisible to the eye, but they can also manifest as tiny rust spots in the paint. To prevent these bringing on corrosion or becoming dislodged and causing scratches and swirls when you polish, chemical removal is the only way to eradicate them safely. Iron Out chemically reacts with iron deposits, safely dissolving any fallout into the solution to form a rinsible solute. In the presence of metal contamination Iron Out solution turns blood red, temporarily highlighting the problem. Simply spray-on, let the Iron Out react, and rinse away the residue. It really is that easy.
  • Tar and Glue Remover: ObliTARate Tar & Glue Remover is designed to effortlessly eradicate all traces of tar, glue and other sticky residues during the second part of your paintwork decontamination stage. This extremely powerful blend of solvents quickly melts through residues, safely encapsulating them and allowing them to be wiped away. This kind of intense chemical removal is the only way to remove this type of contamination without scrubbing or damaging surfaces.
  • Tar and Glue Remover Gel: ObliTARate Tar & Glue Remover Gel provides the same effective cleaning action as ObliTARate but, being a gel consistency, it lingers for longer to melt away the hardiest sticky contamination. Ideal for the most targeted use on all paintwork and glass.
  • Detailing Clay: Our Detailing Clay Bar is 200g of exceptional quality, fine-grade kaolin clay. This product is perfect for physically pulling small particle bonded contamination out of the top of your paint or clearcoat – even those particles that are invisible to the eye. This leaves a smooth, glass-like surface. With our Clay Bar you can actually feel the difference as you work and it's beneficial for any surface you're going to be polishing later, including paintwork, alloy wheels, glass and gloss plastic trim.
  • Clay Lubricant: Auto Finesse Glide Clay Bar Lube is a product developed to make the clay bar process safer and more effective than ever. A blend of special lubricants, Glide aids in capturing any leftover particles disclodged throughout the claying process, suspending them in the solution and keeping them away from your relatively sensitive paintwork. Glide also helps your clay slip freely across surfaces to cut down on the risk of scratching and marring. An important partner to your high quality detailer's Clay Bar.
  • Detailing Kit: Our comprehensive Paintwork Decontamination Kit includes all the products you need for a full 3-stage 'decon wash', in one all-inclusive bundle. This kit includes Iron Out Contaminant Remover, ObliTARate Tar & Glue Remove, our detailer's Clay Bar and Glide Clay Lube, along with a super-soft Microfibre Work Cloth. The Decontamination Kit is ideal for both novice and seasoned detailers alike, guaranteeing your vehicle gets the finest treatment from the finest products available throughout the entire paint decontamination stage.

Harness the Power of High-Quality Car Paint Decontamination Products

Enjoy the exceptional quality of our specialist car paint decontamination solutions as a key part of your overall detail. Our professionally crafted decontamination products ensure that contaminants are removed safely and effectively in preparation for all correction or protection application stages. Count on Auto Finesse to take your car detailing game to new heights with superior professional grade paint decontamination products.