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Safe Deep-Cleaning and Stain Removal On All Interior Upholstery with Our Car Fabric Cleaning Products

Your interior upholstery will be subjected to numerous types of harsh contamination through day-to-day use, everything from dust and general grime, to stains, spills and even the odd bodily fluid from human contact such as skin oils and sweat. Our collection of interior detailing products take on these challenges with ease, safely breaking down, lifting and encapsulating the harshest contamination allowing it to be wiped away with your microfibre cloth. From car fabric cleaners to car carpet cleaners our special selection of detailing essentials is specifically designed to promise you the ultimate satisfaction of achieving a spotless car interior on every detail.

Gentle on upholstery, yet effective in eliminating stubborn stains, our products reach deep into the fabric to lift grease and grime, and restore freshness without abrading fibres or causing damage. You can also find supporting accessories, such as specialist detailing and upholstery brushes, to tackle ground-in dirt and grime, along with spills and stains. In simple words, we assist car enthusiasts and professionals in banishing odours and cleaning car upholstery the right way to reinstate the natural beauty of your ride's interior.

Clean And Sanitise With Car Our Fabric Cleaners and Supporting Accessories!

Interior detailing isn't just about brining your cabin back to factory fresh condition, it's also important for the elimination of bacteria and odours. Our car cleaning products offer the most comprehensive deep-cleaning deep down under the surface of fabrics and carpets, eliminating nasty smells and potentially dangerous bacteria without damaging delicate fibres in cloth, leather and Alcantara. Break down and safely remove the harshest contaminants on a molecular level without abrading the underlying material, and push your interior detail to the next level.

Here are just a few of our best-sellers developed in-house by our professional detailers:

  • Interior Cleaner: Total Interior Cleaner has been developed for both deep cleaning and spot stain removal on all interior surfaces, from fabrics and carpets to plastics, rubber, vinyl and leather. Safe for regular use on every interior detail, this surfactant-based cleaning agent safely breaks down grime, suspending it in the solution, allowing removal quickly and easily. Total is supplied ready-to-use and all it takes to deep-clean and sanitise surfaces - leaving behind nothing but a fresh lime scent - is a spray and a wipe.
  • Heavy-duty Degreaser: Verso All Purpose Cleaner is a heavy-duty, dilute-to-suit cleaning and degreasing agent capable of addressing a multitude of cleaning tasks on everything from interior fabrics, leather and carpets, to engine bays, wheels and exterior trim. Supplied as a concentrated solution, Verso can be diluted to take on a huge range of contaminants and contains hard-hitting degreasers which are particularly adept at breaking down and suspending harsh oily-based deposits and lifting out stains and spills.
  • Interior Cleaning Brushes: Our selection of detailing brushes are specifically designed for lightly agitating your interior cleaning agents on all surfaces including carpets, fabrics and trim. When it comes to the most effective cleaning, agitation is about making sure that your solutions reach every area, including the most awkward nooks, and that your cleaner is refreshed, drawing our the maximum amount of contamination. Agitation is simply the effective way to make the most of your cleaning products. We offer a large range of detailing brushes including our specialist Upholstery Brush and Interior Detail Brush which are ideal for safe detailing on carpets, fabric and leather.
  • Applicators: Our ergonomic Handi Puck complements a range of specially-developed accessories for a range of detailing tasks from polishing to the application of dressings and protection layers. For interiors one of the best accessories is our Scrubi Spot Pad which is ideal for targeted stain and spill removal on interior fabrics, carpets and even convertible tops.
  • Microfibre Cloths: When cleaning fabrics, floor mats, carpets and all other interior surfaces our Microfibre Work Towel has you covered with a true detailing staple. Our Work Cloths are constructed from high quality, 300GSM, short-pile microfibre which is ideal for lifting, trapping and removing all types of contamination. White Microfibre Work Cloths are available in packs of 3, and our Work Cloth Trio comes with a selection of three different colours allowing you to easily dedicate your towels to specific tasks.

Buy online and wipe away embedded dirt, oils and heavy soiling from all interior fabrics, maintaining a factory-fresh interior finish!

Improve Your Driving Experience With A Fresh, Clean Car Interior!

Are you looking for easy, effective cleaning your carpets, seats and other soft surfaces? Auto Finesse has you covered. Browse our car fabric cleaning products today and not only remove stains and spills but also restore the appearance, your carpets and fabrics. Our specially formulated interior cleaning products, sanitise and deodorise your car, replacing nasty odours with a pleasant fragrance that lasts. Keep your car upholstery in peak condition on every detail with Auto Finesse Detailing Products and acessories.