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Professional results and long lasting ceramic protection, with up to 12-months of durability, that you can apply at home.Our full range of ceramic paint coatings including our very own Caramics range can be found below.

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Revolutionise Your Protection With Our Ceramic Coating Products

Keeping your car in the best condition can seem like an uphill battle. From grime, traffic films, heavy pollutants and environmental fallout, your vehicle faces an array of potentially harmful types of contamination through everyday use. The key to keeping your lustre, and to easy maintenance, is having adequate surface protection. Our range of specialist ceramic coatings offer some of the hardiest and longest-lasting protection available.

With decades of knowledge and a dedication to excellence in detailing, we have created an extensive collection of ceramic coating products that will revolutionise the way to care for your car.

Our innovative solutions provide the best hydrophobic performance, gloss and easy-clean characteristics. The water, grime and harmful contaminants just can't stick! Expertly developed to protect, preserve and enhance your surfaces, our ceramic car coatings offer unmatched shine, durability, and hard layer protection against the elements.

Our Best-Selling Car Ceramic Coating Products

At Auto Finesse, we take pride in offering a range of next-generation ceramic coating products designed to elevate your car to the next level. Whether you're a detailing professional, a seasoned auto care enthusiast or a beginner looking for the ultimate ceramic coating products, we have everything you need for the best, long-lasting ceramic protection.

Our huge selection of ceramic coating products includes:

  • Ceramic Car Coating Set

The Auto Finesse Caramics Complete Protection Kit is the ceramic car coating set designed for all vehicle surfaces. This all-inclusive kit contains all four of our Caramics Protection Kits (available separately) covering Paintwork, Glass, Wheels and Interiors. Each of these has been specifically developed to be easy-to-use for the ultimate professional results at home. Designed to install our easy-to-apply, ultra-hydrophobic, non-stick coatings which are durable for up to 12-months, these kits offer the longest-lasting ceramic protection available. From paintwork, trim and vinyl wraps, to fabrics, alloy wheels, leather and vehicle glass, we have every part of your car covered with our Caramics ceramic coatings.

  • Ceramic Enriched Car Shampoo

Give your car the treatment it deserves with our Caramics Enhancing Car Shampoo. This powerful surfactant-based cleaning formula not only cleanses your exterior, safely lifting and encapsulating potentially harmful particles, but it's specifically designed to boost the life and performance of your previously-applied ceramic coatings. Capable of installing or topping up long-lasting ceramic protection as you wash, and without changing your normal contact wash routine.

  • Wash and Wax Shampoo

Our Wash 'n' Gloss Ceramic Car Shampoo is the perfect choice for those seeking convenience during routine maintenance but without sacrificing on safety, protection or water beading performance. Not only does this wash and wax shampoo safely remove dirt and hazardous impurities from all surfaces, but it also leaves an ultra-hydrophobic, easy-clean ceramic layer after every wash.

  • Ceramic Enriched Detail Spray

Keep your car protected and looking its best with our Ceramic Spray Wax, the ceramic coating product that's as easy to apply as a conventional spray wax. With just a spritz and a wipe this advanced finishing spray instantly bonds to create a slick ceramic layer which stops water, grime and contamination from sticking. With jaw dropping water behaviour and beading, this ultra-hydrophobic finisher is ideal for speedy detailer, for topping up previously applied ceramic protection, and for installing super-shiny protection on all exterior surfaces from paintwork and vinyl to wheels and trim.

  • Ceramic Enriched Glass Cleaner

Caramics Glass Cleaner is an easy solution to eliminate streaks, improve vision in all weather conditions and install ceramic protection on all car exterior windows. A ceramic-infused blend of mild solvents, Caramics Glass Cleaner easily powers through contamination, fingerprints, water marks and more for safe, smear-free removal. But this product also leaves behind a hydrophobic ceramic layer for the most extreme water behaviour - you may never need your wipers again! Caramics Glass Cleaner is powerful enough to create a long-lasting glass coating, but also ideal for prolonging the life and performance of any other SiO2-based glass coating.

  • Ceramic Foam

Lavish Ceramic Foam is a game changer in the field of SiO2 coatings. This innovative, high-foaming formula makes applying up to 6-months of ceramic protection to every external surface quicker and easier than ever before. This easy-to-use ceramic foam is simply applied using your Snow Foam Lance. The ceramic coating Lavish contains instantly bonds to paintwork, vinyl, trim, glass and wheels for the ultimate in super-speedy ceramic protection. Simply apply over every external surface, rinse immediately and that's it. You'll instantly see the difference.

Take Your Car's Shine And Protection To The Next Level With Auto Finesse - Start Today!

Ready to give your vehicle the super-shiny ceramic protection it deserves? Our ceramic coating products are designed to protect and enhance your vehicle's appearance like never before. Our ceramic coatings provide excellent gloss, unparalleled durability and long-lasting protection, making them the best choice for keeping your automobile looking cleaner for longer. Explore our range of ceramic coating products and get started on your journey to the ultimate in shiny, ultra durable protection.