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Microfibre Towels & Cloths for every application, we have a towel for every car detailing task. Covering everything from the drying, to the polishing & interior too.

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Microfibre Cloths and Towels - A Detailer's Best Friend

Microfibre cloths for cars are unlike those you'll find for home cleaning. Manufactured for a variety of cleaning and finishing tasks our collection of specially selected microfibre cloths, towels and accessories are engineered to be effective when detailing, but most importantly safe on all surfaces. The unique makeup and huge surface area of the synthetic microfibre material you'll find in detailing cloths makes it the most efficient for hanging onto water and grime, along with cleaning away spray and polish residues safely, without scratching. A unique blend of polyamide and polyester, during the manufacturing process we deliberately split the fibres to make them 200 time thinner than a human hair, in this way they're able to hold on to more minute particles as you clean, dress and finish during your detail. This also delivers unique absorption properties; what makes microfiber far superior for detailing than other materials like cotton or chamois leather. At Auto Finesse we have developed a full range of microfibre cloths designed for both general cleaning and specialist detailing tasks.

Microfibre Cloth For Cars: Different Types and Their Application

Here at Auto Finesse we stock a full range of different microfibre cloths designed for a variety of applications, this includes the following types of microfibre material:

  • Short-pile cloths: Designed to be extremely versatile and suitable for all types of cleaning. Short pile cloths are a great scratch-free all-rounder for general use with good absorbency and particle lifting ability, and also great from removing ceramic and wax residues.
  • Deep-pile cloths: This type of premium, plush cloth is thick, fluffy and extremely absorbent. Ideal for buffing waxes and other finishing tasks on the most pampered, sensitive surfaces, plush cloths trap potentially harmful particles holding them deep within the pile and away from the surface.
  • High-pile cloths: High pile cloths are super-soft and geared towards water absorbency making them ideal for safely drying surfaces. Our Aqua Deluxe Drying Towels have a high pile for a huge surface area helping them to soak up the maximum water for their size.
  • Waffle weave cloths: A waffle-weave construction is designed to trap debris and dirt in the special pockets between the cleaning face for the safest removal. This type of cloth also prevents clogging when removing wax residues. Our Micro Tweed Wax Cloth is great for safe wax residue removal, our Superior Waffle for the safest glass cleaning and Glass Waffle ideal for polish residue removal on all glass surfaces.
  • Twist Loop microfibre: Engineered for maximum surface area, twist-loop microfiber is not only soft but weaved with long microfibre fingers designed to soak away water quickly. For this reason our twist loop Silk Drying Towel is the ideal drying towel for the speediest detailers.

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Top Picks For Car Detailers

Our extensive collection of microfibre towels includes general cleaning accessories, along with those for specialist detailing tasks. Our team is always on hand with industry-leading advice when choosing the best cloth for your particular application, but let's make life easier with just a few of our top recommendations…

  • Primo Plush Microfibre: Our deep-pile premium microfibre buffing towel is super soft and ideal for use on the most pampered paintwork in the final finishing stages. Designed to trap dust particles, soak up finishing sprays and remove residues, the Promo Plush the ultimate cloth for all your finishing tasks and final buffing.
  • Micro Tweed: This specialist premium cloth has been specifically designed for the safest wax residue removal. The special pockets in the wave prevent clogging and marring during the protection application stages.
  • Glass Waffle: The waffle-weave construction is the secret behind the success of the Glass Waffle. This microfibre towel is for giving your Vision Glass Polish even more bite and great for trapping dust and polish residues, keeping them away from the surface for a streak-free finish.
  • Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel: This ultra-absorbent, ultra-soft, high-pile towel soaks up more water than any other, safely lifting it from the surface without scratching. The ultimate drying towel for use on every detail.
  • Ultra Plush Microfibre: Ideal for final buffing our premium Ultra Plush Cloth is great when partnered with spray waxes and detailing sprays. But, being ultra-absorbent and smaller than a drying towel, this cloth is also the best solution for drying intricate areas like wheels, shuts and doorjambs, without dragging your cloth on the ground.
  • Work Cloths: An absolute detailing stable, our short-pile microfibre Work Cloths are ideal for a whole range of cleaning and finishing tasks. The ultimate all-rounder, our Work Cloths clean and finish with ease. These are also ideal for removing ceramic coating residue during the application process.
  • Duo Edgeless: Enjoy the best of both worlds—safe residue removal and extreme absorbency. The dense and short pile on one side and the thick plush pile on the other make this edge-less towel extremely versatile and ideal for a number of protection stage and finishing tasks.

What Sets Our Microfibre Cloths Apart?

Here are some sterling qualities of our microfibre cloth range worth noting:

  • Developed specifically for safe use on all exterior and interior surfaces
  • Premium material supplied in various GSM weights for different detailing processes
  • Designed to cater to all levels of detailer from beginners to professionals
  • Ultra-plush, high-GSM, soft and absorbent specialist drying towels included in the range
  • Scratch-free and short pile general purpose cloths available for removing ceramic coating residues, along with cleaning and polishing tasks
  • All our microfibre towels are tough, durable, machine washable and reusable
  • Micro-suede, scratch-free edging and microfibre weave options for specialist tasks.

Acessories Kit - A Selection of 39 Pieces

The ultimate kit for both detailing enthusiasts and professionals, our comprehensive 39-piece Accessories Kit, includes our Silk Drying Towel, 12 Microfibre Work Cloths, 5 Microfibre Applicators, 3 Primo Plush Microfibre Towels, 3 Duo Edgeless Cloths, 2 Polish Pads, 3 Tyre And Trim Applicators, 2 Ultra Plush Microfibre Cloths, a Waxmate XL and a Noodle Wash Mitt. Designed to cover every detailing task from start to finish this all-inclusive kit helps you get professional results with the right accessories to hand every time you detail.

Grab Your Choice of Microfibre Cloth and Towel for Precision Cleaning and A Pristine Touch!

Auto Finesse is the leading provider of high-performance microfibre cleaning and finishing cloths. If you are looking to shop for the world's best microfibre accessories here in Europe, visit our online store. We are waiting to pamper your pride and joy with premium cloths and towels specifically designed for effortless detailing and a flawless finish.