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Product Type: Detailing Kit
Product Code: CK-ADXL

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of detailing, or you’re a seasoned professional with extremely discerning tastes, the Connoisseurs Kit offers only the very best in convenience, value and amazing results for every detail.

Containing over 25 specially-selected detailing and valeting products, this epic bundle is the largest we offer, the flagship, the daddy of all them all, and each specific item we’ve added along the way has been chosen by detailers for detailers to work together in harmony and take you through every stage from wheel cleaning and pre-washing, to polishing, protecting and finishing. 

The ultimate kit for everyone from beginners making their first foray into extreme car care, to show car owners and even the most hardcore detailing enthusiasts, what we have here isn’t just an amazing base of fundamental detailing products to build on, but the most comprehensive kit available to see you safely through just about every detailing process. There’s so much more than just the basics, this range of amazing products is guaranteed to please the most demanding of connoisseurs, and bring just about any vehicle to a concours finish.

The Connoisseurs Kit includes the following products to take you through each of the essential detailing stages:

Wheel Cleaning 

Imperial Wheel Cleaner (500ml) 
Revolution Wheel Soap (500ml) 

Cleaning your wheels and tyres should be the first stage of every single detail, whether that’s routine maintenance, a simple enhancement or a full multi-stage correction. Carrying out this process at the very beginning ensures that the worst, potentially damaging, soiling - the most corrosive contaminants like brake dust and road salt – isn’t spread onto other areas of the car (especially paintwork) where it could inflict defects… not to mention creating even more work to remove. Wheels see the heaviest concentration of this type of grime, but all this can be eradicated effectively with our duo of acid-free wheel cleaning products - Imperial Wheel Cleaner and Revolution Wheel Soap. Just 2-3 capfuls of Revolution in your wheel bucket will create plenty of suds that can be utilised as a stand-alone deep-cleansing agent or to brush in your spray-on Imperial (after a liberal application over the whole wheel) for even more cleaning power on the harshest road films and grime. 

For more on cleaning wheels, including procedures for every sensitive finish available, see our article – The Definitive Guide to Cleaning Alloy Wheels.


Citrus Power Bug & Grime Remover (1 Litre) 
Avalanche Snow Foam (1 Litre) 

The pre-wash stages are some of the most important, if not THE most important, detailing processes. It’s here where you safely purge your exterior - or more specifically your paintwork - of heavy grit and grime that’s at risk of inflicting swirl marks if dragged around surfaces on your wash mitt. The pre-wash is all about safe removal of these contaminants before you make any physical contact with the paint.

Applying Citrus Power Bug & Grime Remover, is the first part of any pre-wash. This powerful, spray-on pre-cleaner is designed to break down and lift heavy particles, encapsulating them in the solution, and allowing them to be rinsed away safely. Avalanche Snow Foam, which constitutes the next pre-wash step, is a Citrus-infused foam designed to linger on surfaces for as long as possible, breaking down stuck-on grime, all the while making its way into all the awkward recesses and panel gaps. Both of these pre-wash essentials have been developed to be safe on previously-applied waxes and sealants, meaning they won’t strip protection, making them ideal for routine maintenance, as well as larger details.

For more information on how these pre-cleaners, along with all other cleaning products do their job so effectively, check out our article - All Car Cleaning Products Explained.

Contact Wash

Lather Car Shampoo (500ml) 
Noodle Wash Mitt 

Designed to make your two-bucket wash safer and more effective than ever before, this duo of wash products are an absolute must in any detailing kit.

Lather Car Shampoo is a powerful cleaner, packed full of surfactants capable of breaking down the last of the stuck-on grime, again this product has been developed to encapsulate gritty particles in the solution, allowing them to be safely rinsed from surfaces.

Lather is also classed as a lubricant because it will lubricate both dirt and vehicle surfaces, allowing them to slide over each other, making the grime easier to get off of your paintwork and onto the floor, where it belongs. Our Noodle Mitt is the perfect partner for Lather. This master-all-rounder is not only designed with long microfibre fingers, capable of working their way into just about any recess, they will also trap harmful particles deep within the pile, and away from sensitive surfaces, until you clean out your mitt in your rinse bucket. 


Iron Out Contaminant Remover (500ml) 
ObliTARate Tar & Glue Remover (500ml) 
Clay Bar (200g) 
Glide Clay Lube (500ml) 

An essential stage before any polishing or paint correction can take place, the decontamination phase is designed to remove embedded and bonded contaminants that washing alone won’t be able to shift. We’ve made this 3-step process quick and super-straightforward by including all the ‘decon’ essentials such as Iron Out Contaminant Remover to chemically dissolve the sharp, ferrous metal shrapnel which embeds itself into paintwork. ObliTARate Tar & Glue Remover, a powerful solvent-based formula capable of melting away the hardiest sticky residues. And our kaolin Clay Bar (along with Glide Clay Lube), to pull out bonded contaminants like tree sap, mineral impurities, protein deposits and environmental fallout. These three processes leave a super-smooth surface that’s free of contaminants, and perfect for hand or machine polishing.

For the full rundown on decontamination, see our guide – How To Safely Decontaminate Your Paintwork.

Drying (choice of)

Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel
Silk Drying Towel 
Aqua Deluxe XL Drying Towel

An easily underestimated part of the detailing process, drying your vehicle safely and effectively is more important than many think. This is because tap water, the water you’re likely using to clean your vehicle, it full of mineral impurities that, if left to dry naturally, will be deposited all over your paintwork. In some cases, this spotting may require polishing to remove and it can even scratch surfaces if the vehicle isn’t dried safely. This is why soaking up the water when you dry, as opposed to merely pushing it around, is imperative for a swirl-free wash. The good news is that we have all the right tools to make the job simple, and the Connoisseurs Kit comes with a choice of drying towels, so you can tailor your kit to your specific needs. Choose from our super-absorbent 1200GSM Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel, our super-speedy twist-loop Silk Drying Towel and our huge, 94x54cm Aqua Deluxe XL.

Polishes & Glaze 

Tripple All-in-One Polish (500ml) 
Ultra Glaze Paint Glaze (500ml)
Microfibre Polish Pads
Mercury Metal Polish (250ml) 

Whether you’re hand polishing with our microfibre Polish Pads, or breaking out your trusty Dual Action Machine Polisher, this kit has you covered with everything you need for an amazing paintwork enhancement, with added concours-level shine. This includes Tripple, our flagship all-in-one polish which uses special diminishing abrasives and deep cleansing agents to clean away oxidation and correct light defects. Tripple will even leave a layer of carnauba protection. Ultra Glaze is another product that makes up this supreme correction selection. This non-abrasive paint glaze is packed with polymers that help fill, and reduce the appearance of, fine scratches, leaving a glossy, wet-look finish. And last (but by no means least) we have the perfect finishing touch for exhaust tips, brightwork and polished wheel lips, Mercury Metal Polish. 


Glisten Spray Wax (500ml) 
Mint Rims Wheel Wax (100ml) 
Duo Edgeless Microfibre 

Adding protection after polishing not only safeguards your paintwork - and the work you’ve put in - from the elements, but also levels the optical finish of the surface making it appear even deeper and shinier. Included in this kit is Glisten Spray Wax, an advanced solvent-based solution that offers up to 4 weeks of protection on any painted surface (along with vinyl wraps) and application is as easy as a spritz and a wipe – the ideal process for our super-safe Duo Edgeless Microfibre. 

To keep your precious rims protected from road grime, and the dreaded brake dust, our high temperature synthetic wheel wax, Mint Rims, is also included. Once again, this adds acres of shine on all wheel surfaces.

All-purpose cleaning and Interiors

Verso All Purpose Cleaner (1 Litre) 
Firm Detailing Brush Trio

From greasy engine bays and door shuts to carpets and interior trim, Verso All Purpose Cleaner can do it all. This powerful ‘dilute to suit’ APC can be mixed with water in various dilutions to tackle anything from light grime, to the hardiest contaminants. Simply dilute between 1:2 and 1:10 depending on the job in hand, spray, agitate and wipe or rinse away the grime trapped in the solution. You’ll find that our trio of firm brushes come in extremely handy here, too. 1 litre of Verso concentrate makes up to 10 litres of powerful cleaning solution. 

Dressing and Finishing Products

Satin Tyre Crème (500ml)
Revive Trim Dressing (500ml)
Dressle All-purpose Dressing (500ml) 
Handi Puck Kit 

You know what they say, when it comes to detailing – the details really do matter! And this is why we’ve included a comprehensive selection of supreme finishers, to make sure that no other part of your vehicle detracts from the rest of your stunning detail.

Included here is Satin Tyre Crème, a next generation tyre dressing that not only nourishes you rubber, protecting it from cracking and UV fading, but this unique product also allows you to choose the level of shine. A single application gives a subtle, satin finish, while a few more layers add a great show car gloss. 

Revive Trim Dressing is capable of darkening restoring all exterior matt plastics, leaving a deep, rich finish that’s resistant to both water and UV fading. And Dressle All Purpose Dressing, another one of our super-advanced dressings, is a water-based product that’s ideal for leaving a rich, UV-protected finish on everything from engine bays and arch liners, to interior plastics.

We’ve also included our Handi Puck Kit here, our infinitely versatile ergonomic hand applicator comes complete with a hook and loop backing, and a whole load of special accessories suitable for a wide range of cleaning, polishing and finishing tasks. 


Crystal Glass Cleaner (500ml)
Glass Waffle Microfibre

The final stage of any detail is bringing your glass, both inside and out, to a sparkling, smear-free finish. Crystal Glass Cleaner is one of the all-time greats that no detailing kit should ever be without, this highly-balanced solvent-based formula effortlessly dissolves grime, greasy films and fingerprints on contact, bringing back the clarity on every detail. It’s also suitable for use on sensitive window tints, ceramic coatings and polycarbonate motorsport windows and, here in the Connoisseurs Kit, comes complete with its perfect partner – our Glass Waffle Microfibre. This special waffle-weave design has been specially developed to safely lift away grime, making the most of your cleaner, and leaving behind a streak-free finish, every single time. 


Crew Bag 
Hanging Air Freshener (Assorted) 

We said the final stage is always the glass, but perhaps we’re wrong… the final stage is clearly putting away all your essential detailing products, right? Well, the Connoisseurs Kit has just the answer to that, too. This bundle includes our legendary Detailer’s Crew Bag, a professional favourite, and an extremely large specialist holdall capable of holding over 50-individual products. Spills, product wastage and disorganisation is a thing of the past when you have your very own Crew Bag, simply because this super-tough, infinitely hardwearing item comes with individual bottle holders to keep all your products secure in transit, along with a whole load of other pockets and compartments to safely stowaway all your accessories, allowing you to organise your products in style!

Finally, we’ve also included a hanging air freshener (randomly chosen from our huge selection), just to keep that cockpit as fresh as it deserves for longer. An added bonus that should never be underestimated. 

Product Summary

  • Imperial wheel cleaner 500ml
  • Revolution wheel soap 500ml
  • Citrus Power bug and grime remover 1L
  • Avalanche snow foam 1L
  • Lather car shampoo 500ml
  • 1 Noodle wash mitt
  • Iron Out contamination remover 500ml
  • Oblitarate tar and glue remover 500ml
  • 200g Clay bar
  • Glide clay lube 500ml
  • Aqua Deluxe drying towel or XL Aqua Deluxe drying towel or Silk drying towel
  • Tripple all in one polish
  • Ultra Glaze paint glaze
  • Microfibre polish pads
  • Mercury metal polish 250ml
  • Glisten spray wax 500ml
  • Mint Rims wheel wax 100ml
  • Duo Edgeless Microfibre
  • Verso all purpose cleaner 1L
  • Firm Detailing Brush Trio
  • Satin tyre creme 500ml
  • Revive trim dressing 500ml
  • Dressle all purpose dressing 500ml
  • Handi Puck Kit
  • Crystal glass cleaner 500ml
  • Glass waffle cloth
  • Crew bag
  • Air freshener

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