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Product Type: Detailing Kit
Product Code: DCOMK

Dont stop at just a clay bar, the Auto Finesse® Paintwork Decontamination Kit is the perfect way to remove iron particles, tar and contamination from your vehicle safely in preparation for washing.

The kit includes the following:

1 x 500ml ObliTARate tar and glue remover 

The first product in our Decontamination kit is our tar and glue remover; ObliTARate. Once applied to paintwork, ObliTARate immediately starts to break down any tar that may be sitting on it. Despite its strong solvent formulation, Auto Finesse® ObliTARate is safe to use on all modern painted and powder coated surfaces, as well as glass, solvent-resistant hard plastics, bare metal, and bright work trim. Do remember, though, ObliTARate is a very strong solvent product and may cause damage to fresh paint, SMART repairs, un-catalysed lacquers, and some delicate vintage finishes. If you attempt use on any of these surfaces, it would be wise to proceed with caution. Test an area first. (Please note, this bottle does not include a trigger)

1 x 500ml Iron Out contaminant remover 

Next up is Iron Out. Like ObliTARate, Iron Out can be sprayed onto the surface and left to dwell in a touch-less manor. Iron Out will attach its self to any iron particles and begin to remove them. Whilst working, Iron Out will change colour to flag where the surface is contaminated. Just spray Iron Out directly onto the yellow foam pad (also included in this kit) and wipe the product on a small section of your vehicle’s paint or wheels. The solution will turn blood red when it reacts with Iron. Allow to dwell for a few minutes before jet washing off. It is suitable to use on all exterior surfaces, including paintwork, aluminium, magnesium, stainless steel, anodised finishes, chrome, glass, plastic, and even rubber.

1 x 500ml Glide clay lube 

To be used in conjunction with the included Clay Bar, Auto Finesse® Glide clay bar lubricant features a special blend of slip agents that help to trap debris released during the clay barring process. It also aids in the movability of the bar itself, reducing the risk of marring. You don’t need a lot so do use sparingly – apply directly to paint or to the clay bar itself before moving the bar around.

1 x 200g Clay Bar

Made from an ultra-fine grade of natural Kaolin clay, the Auto Finesse® clay bar comes as a 200g block and will effectively remove both organic contaminants, such as tree sap and bird droppings, as well as inorganic contaminants such as light tar or iron deposits. Before claying, make sure the vehicle is clean. If you have a lot of tar spots, it’d be wise to use dedicated tar and iron fallout removers such as Auto Finesse® ObliTARate  or Auto Finesse® Iron Out. Used together with Glide (included), rub the clay in circular motions across all surfaces of the car to remove any embedded road grime.

1 x Microfibre Work Cloth  (Depending on stock levels, the Work Cloth may be white or grey).

The Auto Finesse® Microfibre Work Cloth is made up of soft white microfibre ideal for all manner of cleaning tasks including removing wax or sealant and deep-cleaning dashboards. And, it’s our most versatile cloth!


400mm x 400mm

Product Summary

  • Iron Out contaminant remover 500ml
  • Oblitarate tar and glue remover 500ml
  • Glide clay lube 500ml
  • 200g Clay bar
  • 1 Work cloth

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