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Say goodbye to scratches, swirl marks and other unsightly paintwork defects while getting the ultimate professional results at home with the Auto Finesse Master Machine Polishing Kit.  

Machine Polishing is often cited as the stage where a car wash or valet becomes a bona fide detail, but while there’s no doubt that in-depth paint correction is something of an art form, that doesn’t mean that we can’t make the whole process as easy and straightforward as possible. In fact, with our new Master Machine Polishing Kit, we can help you get results just like the professionals. Achieving the ultimate finish on any vehicle quickly, effectively and most importantly, safely.  

Containing the full range of our most revered Professional Series machine polishing products, this all-in-one pro polishing bundle has you covered no matter the level of defects you encounter. From the most in-depth 3-stage paint correction processes, lacquer restoration and the cutting away of severe swirling, right down to the most intensive single-stage polishing, fine refinement and flawless finishing. This comprehensive master bundle contains every machine polishing product you could require, for any situation you encounter, on any type of gloss paintwork, clear-coat or gloss plastic trim.

Our Professional Series Machine Polishing Compounds and corresponding 5-inch Professional Series Machine Polishing Pads are the result of over 3-years of exhaustive research. Tried and tested by a whole host of independent professional detailers around the world, they’ve helped us develop these industry-leading detailing products and accessories to help you get the best results in the fastest possible time. Easy-to-use Polishing essentials suitable for everyone from industry pros to detailing novices, and here every grade of compound and pad is supplied in one all-inclusive master kit. 

But wait, there’s more. Along with our range of ultimate polishing compounds we’ve included our flagship full-bodied DPX Dual Acton Machine Polisher for safe and speedy paint correction. With 720-Watts of defect-cutting power, adjustable speed settings and a 15mm random orbit to cut down on heat and eliminate the risk of damaging your paintwork when you polish. This 5-inch pro grade polisher is not only loved by the most experienced professionals - it’s capable of getting the best possible results in the hands of any enthusiast.  

From full restorations to the enhancement and refinement of the most pampered paint jobs, our Master Machine Polishing Kit is an absolute must for those looking to push their paintwork - not to mention their detailing skills - further than they ever thought possible.

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