Product Information

Product Type: Panel Wipe Spray
Product Code: PNW500

Achieve professional-grade paint preparation with Auto Finesse Panel Wipe, our user-friendly isopropyl solution designed to enhance the durability of ceramic coatings and paintwork sealants.

This powerful alcohol-based formula is safe for use on clear-coated paint surfaces. It effectively releases and encapsulates polishing oils and residues left behind after polishing, allowing them to be quickly and safely wiped away with your Microfibre Work Cloth. This essential detailing step ensures no foreign materials interfere with the bonding process of your protection layer, guaranteeing superior shine and robust protection.

Top-tier paint protection products need a meticulously clean surface, free from dust and residues, to form a strong, long-lasting protective layer. Any oils, fillers, or residues left on the lacquer after polishing can obstruct the chemical bonding necessary for SiO2-based ceramic coatings and the physical bonding of paint sealants. This impacts both the lifespan and appearance of the protection. A quick mist of Panel Wipe dissolves polishing oils, polishing dust, silicon oxides, and stubborn contaminants, deep-cleaning and preparing the surface optimally for your protection layers.

This fast-evaporating, non-abrasive solution can also be used immediately before and during all machine polishing stages to eliminate substances that might mislead you about the extent of surface damage. This provides an accurate reflection of the correction needed and the abrasives required. Our advanced IPA solution cuts through artificial fillers, oils, silicone derivatives, and shining agents, revealing the true condition of the paint surface and the effectiveness of your polishes and compounds.

Panel Wipe is also ideal for removing old protection layers, including waxes and paint sealants, before polishing to prevent interference with your polishes and compounds. It helps you polish like a pro and achieve the best professional results at home.

Panel Wipe is available in ready-to-use 500ml and 1L trigger bottles, making it quick and easy to use before, during, and after all paintwork polishing processes.

Product Summary

  • Alcohol-based formula
  • Removes polishing oils and residues left behind after the polishing process
  • Easy-to-use Isopropyl solution
  • Creates the perfect base for sealants and ceramic coatings

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