Product Information

Product Type: Rinse-less Wash
Product Code: RPD1L

Rapid Rinse-less Wash is a cutting-edge car wash formula that lets you clean your car's exterior quickly and safely without the need for rinsing or risking scratches.

Rapid's innovative formula lifts, lubricates, and encapsulates surface grime, suspending potentially harmful particles in its solution. This allows them to be safely wiped away with a Microfibre Wash Mitt. Thanks to our slick, non-foaming blend of polymer-based cleaning agents and lubricants, the grime never touches the sensitive top layer of surfaces such as paintwork, bare metal, and gloss plastics. The fully lubricated particulates slide over surfaces effortlessly, making them easy to wipe away without causing swirl marks or scratches.

The advanced anti-abrasion properties of Rapid make it suitable for any type of paintwork and wheel finish. It is also safe for use on wax, sealant, and coating layers, ensuring that it won’t strip away any previously applied protection.

Start with the cleaner areas and finish with the most contaminated ones, such as the rear end and wheels. Rapid provides a quick and eco-friendly solution, perfect for car shows, events, home use, and any other on-the-go detailing needs.

Product Summary

  • Rinse-less wash solution
  • Convenient and effective cleaning without needing running water
  • Formulated to encapsulate dirt particles without scratching the surface
  • Concentrated formula that can be diluted to suit

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