Product Information

Product Type: Screen Wash
Product Code: VSW25L

Vista Hydrophobic Screen Wash is a state-of-the-art, methanol-free formula designed to deliver exceptional windscreen cleaning in any condition or temperature.

This advanced, super-concentrated screen wash safely lifts and lubricates tough grit, grime, bird droppings, bug splatter, and heavy particulates, providing a streak-free and smear-free finish. Its rain-repelling properties enhance safety and visibility, while its advanced ingredients and anti-freezing agents promote water sheeting, extend the life of ceramic glass coatings, and even condition your wiper blades.

Our ultra-concentrated solution offers superior cleaning power, essential for safe and scratch-free glass cleaning. Vista Hydrophobic Screen Wash is versatile enough for year-round use and can be diluted to suit different conditions: mix at 1:10 with water for normal summer conditions or 1:5 for harsh winter weather.

Formulated to repel water and traffic films, Vista Hydrophobic Screen Wash contains no artificial shining agents, abrasives, or silicone derivatives. It effectively cuts through ice, sleet, road salt, and environmental contaminants, leaving a long-lasting rain-repellent layer that enhances any existing glass coating and prevents wiper squeaking.

Vista Hydrophobic Screen Wash is available in 2.5-litre bottles. One bottle of concentrate makes up to 25 litres of powerful windscreen cleaning solution. Simply add 500ml to 1 litre (depending on conditions) to a standard 5-litre washer bottle and top up with water.

Product Summary

  • Leaves streak and smear-free finish
  • Formulated to repel water and traffic films
  • Versatile enough to be diluted for use all-year round

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