Citrus-Infused Formula

A little of our ultra-concentrated Avalanche solution goes a long way. Just an inch or two in your Foam Lance bottle - topped up with water - is enough to create a thick, lingering foam that will deeply cleanse your paintwork of surface grit, grime and bonded contamination.

Spray And Rinse Formula

This citrus-infused formula is packed with advanced surfactants designed to safely lift and encapsulate harmful particles and traffic films, suspending them in the foam and allowing them to be rinsed away without damaging sensitive surfaces. Simply apply over the whole vehicle, leave to linger and rinse away the contamination without ever making contact.

Swirl-Free Wash

Using Avalanche Snow Foam forms a crucial part of the pre-wash stage. One of the most important steps in all of detailing, it’s here where we remove potentially harmful, sharp gritty contamination and other heavy particles. Remove these before your contact wash to eliminate the risk of inflicting scratches and swirls by dragging them across surfaces with your mitt.

ph balanced snow foam

Avalanche safely and effectively cleans every exterior surface, from paintwork and vinyl to glass, trim and wheels. This heavy-duty cleaner is also wax, sealant and coating-safe meaning it won’t ever strip, degrade or damage your protection layers.

Product Information

Product Type: Snow Foam
Product Code: AVMS1

Capable of removing traffic films and breaking down, grit and grime, Avalanche Snow Foam encapsulates sharp particles safely trapping it in the foam, allowing these potentially damaging – and often stuck-on - contaminants to be rinsed away without inflicting swirl marks or other defects. This makes using snow foam an essential part of the pre-wash process, one of the most vital stages in detailing where the heaviest, gritty particulate grime is removed without making any contact with the vehicle. Avalanche also works its way into awkward panel gaps and shuts to effectively pre-clean the unseen areas, too.

Sharp particles and heavy contamination can easily cause abrasion and inflict defects when dragged around on paintwork or gloss plastics with your wash mitt. So, for the safest wash possible, these contaminants must be removed prior to your 2-bucket contact wash. This means that following an effective pre-wash routine is crucial both on regular maintenance washes, and to limit the amount of polishing and correction needed during more in-depth details.

Avalanche can be utilised as a first stage pre-wash product, or immediately after using a pre-cleaner like Citrus Power Bug & Grime Remover or Dynamite Traffic Film Remover on the heaviest soiling, in which case this product is safe to agitate into more awkward areas such as window rubbers, emblems and grilles with a soft Detailing Brush. Here the agitation isn’t to scrub away contaminants, it’s merely to ensure that the solution is worked into all areas, and that any spent product (snow foam already encapsulating particulates) is moved away allowing it to be replenished with fresh solution to work on any remaining contamination. Avalanche lingers to attack grime for the maximum possible dwell time and uses a specially-developed combination of cleaning agents and advanced surfactants to pull contamination off of surfaces on a molecular level. These surfactants are classed as ‘polar’ molecules that are both hydrophobic and hydrophilic. This means that they are attracted to water at one end and repel water (and more importantly attract grime particles) at the other. Using this mechanism, they are able to latch onto, lift and surround dirt particles, pulling them from surfaces and suspending them in the foam. Once safely extracted, this grime can then be quickly rinsed away. Learn more on the science of surfactants in our article - All Car Cleaning Products Explained.

Safe for use on all exterior surfaces, including paintwork, vinyl wraps, glass, plastics, rubber and glass, despite being tough on grime Avalanche will not strip or degrade protection layers, and this wax, sealant and coating-friendly attribute make our snow foam the ideal cleaning solution for use on every single detail. Take a look at our ultimate guide - How To Use Snow Foam to discover more on how snow foam is essential to ensure a swirl-free wash.

For the ultimate in application, Avalanche Snow Foam should be used in conjunction with our Snow Foam Lance. These professional-quality accessories exceed the industry standard and utilise a serviceable metal gauze to effectively activate the cleaning agents and whip up the solution to a thick, lingering foam. Our professional foam lances are also available to fit a large selection of home or industrial pressure washers and are accessories that no serious detailer should ever be without. For more on these essential detailing tools see our guide – How To Set Up And Maintain Your Foam Lance V2.

Avalanche Snow Foam is also available in 500ml, 2.5-Litre and 5-Litre bottles, along with special editions including 1-Litre and 5-Litre Avalanche Bubblegum Snow Foam, and 1-Litre Avalanche Cherry Cola Snow Foam.  

How-To Use Avalanche

Step 1

Fill a 1 litre foam lance bottle with approx 1-2 inches of solution.

Step 2

Fill the remainder of the bottle with fresh water.

Step 3

Apply to vehicle and leave to dwell before rinsing with a pressure washer.

Step 4

Do not allow to dry on the surface.

Product Summary

  • Citrus-infused, snow foam for the pre-wash stage
  • Designed to linger on surfaces for longer
  • An essential stage to ensure a swirl-free wash
  • Removes traffic films and breaks down, grit and grime without making any contact with the vehicle
  • Uses specially-developed cleaning agents and advanced surfactants to pull contamination off of surfaces
  • Safe for use on all exterior surfaces, including matte and satin finishes
  • Use in conjunction with our Foam Lance for best results

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